Saturday, 23 March 2013

Swedish graduation
Photo "Bow down before us Swedes, we are your future bosses"

One of my best friends is from Sweden and her graduation is coming up soon! In Sweden, graduation is a BIG deal! On the day of the graduation, girls usually wear white or light coloured dresses and guys wear black or grey suits. The graduating class wears a white and black cap  with their names written across it in gold letters.

In the morning of the big day, students and teachers have a “champagne breakfast”. When school is over they literally run out of their classrooms (like children), out the school building to the outside where friends and family wait for them with flowers and posters. Student’s parents usually hold up posters with baby photos of their kids. This is followed by formal lunch with speeches. After this, they change into more comfortable clothes, get on a lorry/truck and parade around the city blasting loud music, singing, dancing and spraying beer on each other. They then arrive back at school and go home to Celebrate with friends and family. PS, they get gifts too! 

At night, classmates meet up and party all night long! Overall it sounds like a fun day!

Here are a few white dresses I thought would be great for graduation:
Little white dress
1-nelly, 2-Lulus, 3-ASOS, 4-nastygal

Classy in crochet
1-swell, 2-ASOS, 3-ASOS

Lovely laces

A bit of black

1-modcloth, 2-ASOS, 3-ASOS

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

 Traditional Indian Hand Block Printing

For a field trip and to research for my A Level Art Personal study essay, our teacher took my fellow art student and I (yes, there were only two art students in my batch) to the Regional Handcraft center in Bangalore. The people there were very friendly, welcoming and gave me all the technical details I needed for my essay. The ambiance in that studio was amazing! You could tell very quickly that each and every artist was passionate about the work that they do. There was so much to look at! Mugs of bright coloured printing dyes, intricate designs on printing blocks gathered together on shelves, the many many pieces of completed projects left to dry.

After Mr.Prabu Kumar (the hand block printing artist) explained the careful steps to successful block printing, he let us try it out. Let me tell you, it is not as simple as it looks! When applying the dye on the block, you have to make sure to dab it enough to get the colour all over the block but not too much so that it’s not uneven. When placing the block onto the cloth, it must be precisely on point or it’ll mess up the entire design. And what I found most difficult, the actual printing process: hitting the block with all your strength. For smaller blocks, there are no handles on the back of them but the big ones have thin handles and it’s the thin piece of wood you have to hit hard. It won’t work properly if you use your palm. It has to be the bottom of your closed fist. My god it hurt! I hit it as hard as I could but still couldn't get all the dye onto the cloth. Though my hand was pink and sore when I was done, I'm glad I experienced it. I now know how much physical effort goes into making a hand block printed piece and I wouldn't mind paying more for it. 


If you would like to own beautiful block printed clothes visit Anoki. Anoki is a world famous Indian brand that uses traditional blocks prints to create modern cutting edge designs. You can check out their website:
Here are a few of their designs:


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Recycling Old Sarees
While we were moving, the ‘throwing out old junk' part was very hard for me! Even though most of the clothes we had to get rid of were old or torn, if the material looked nice and was remotely useable, I kept it!! I found a bag with rolls of my mom’s old saree borders and by the looks of it….they were very old and so pretty! I immediately thought of things I could make with them so I packed them up and brought them with me. These are a few of the ones I found:

So I decided to make a short skirt with the bottom border. I didn't want to place the border one after the other so I slightly played with the arrangement of it. It’s comfortable, easy to walk around in and without a doubt one of the most unique pieces in my closet. Here is the final outcome:

Outfit inspiration: Disney princesses

I don’t know about you, but I've seen almost every Disney movie 10 times! I absolutely love them! And i'm very excited about creating these outfits. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? My favorite would be Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. She’s smart, sexy, she’s got a pet tiger and, best of all, A FLYING MAGIC CARPET! Who doesn't want that?

A couple years ago, I had come across a series of photos online. They were actually Ads promoting Disney Parks “Year of a million dreams” by Annie Leibovitz. Since 2007 celebrities have been posing as various Disney fairy tale characters! The photographs are absolutely magical and I think you should definitely check them out. Celebrities include Scarlet Johansson, BeyoncĂ©, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, Gisele Bundchen, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and MANY more. Here are a two links you can try:

So here I’ve created everyday wearable outfits inspired by some of my favorite Disney princesses. Take a look.


Heels-dsw, skirt-river island, top-newlook, pearl necklace-river island, pearl stud-charlotterusse, dress-modcloth, lace chocker-ASOS, linear earring-whitehouseblackmarket

Snow White

Dress-jcpenny, blue sweater-zalando, pumps-newlook, earrings-boticca, red cardigan-Mango, lace top-Topshop, skirt-ASOS, necklace-fredflare, flats-ASOS

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Dress-ASOS, blazer-dorothyperkins, heels-amazon, earrings-accessorize, necklace-wetseal, shirt-houseoffraser, skirt-Target, cardigan-zalando, shoes-Converse, rose studs-kohls

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Dress-charlotterusse, red necklace- maxandchloe, wedges-ASOS, sweater-pullandbear, shorts-loft, crop top-Topshop, flats-river island, earrings-brooksbrothers, necklace-yesstyle

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

Dress and heels-Lord&Taylor, collar necklace-nastygal, earrings-H&M, belt-Foever21, jeans-farfetch, tank-Topshop, sweater-nastygal, flats-pret-a-beaute, necklace-Urban outfitters

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Dress-zalando, emerald earrings-maxandchloe, heels-lorisshoes, top-bluefly, flats-amazon, jeans-ASOS, bag-Topshop, red earrings-boticca, belt-ASOS


Dress-ASOS, heels-newlook, necklace-Johnlewis, earrings-modcloth, top-welikefashion, jeans-nordstorm, boots-ASOS, scarf-modcloth, earrings-ASOS, necklace-river island

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Photo credits

This spring it’s all back to the basics! The cold hasn’t worn off, but that’s not stopping anyone from revamping your closet. All of the below looks were inspired by runway designs from Louis Vuitton, Anthony Vaccarello, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Wang, Emilio Pucci, Gucci etc… Try these latest trends this Spring.

Black & White
Blazer-River Island, heels-Rachel Roy, coin purse-Yoox, ear cuff & earrings –booticca, skirt-Topshop, top-Forever21, purse-newlook, sweater-ASOS, mini skirt-Topshop, dress-debenhams, bracelet- Anntaylor

Dress-missselfridge, heart cut-out top-newlook, sweater-Topshop, top-farfetch, shorts-Topshop, skirt-Forever21, navy blue wedges-newlook, sun hat-Jcrew, bracelet-baublebar, red dress-bankfashion, blue wedges-theiconic

The Kimono effect
Shirt-Topshop, peach dress-Target, black top-Vera Wang, white jacket-newlook, white top-Zara, dress- Carcon Callahan, shift dress-OASIS, jeans-Jades24, printed pants-ASOS, both miniskirts-ASOS, suede belt-lineapelle, leather belt-ASOS, black belt-Topshop

Volume ruffles and frills
White dress-charlotterusse, coral dress-ASOS, blue dress-ASOS, lace dress-tilly’s, pink dress-newlook, navy dress-Urban outfitters, neon dress-Target, bikini top-nordstorm, beige mini-pulladbear, mosaic skirt-welikefashion, coral top-houseoffraser, blue top- ASOS

Dress-modcloth, top-Zara, shift dress-bluefly, bustier-Forever21, bikini top- yesstyle, pants-kellywearstler, necklace-Foever21, bracelet-Neimanmarcus, bikini bottom-tilly’s

My AS and A Level Art

For my AS Coursework, I really had no idea what I was doing at first. It was the first time I took art as a proper subject and my teacher had very high expectations from me. I knew I wanted to do something with fashion and drapery, while my teacher suggested that I pick a topic relatively easy to research on (so I could get a lot of primary sources). So I thought Fashion + India = Sari. Ah the sari, 5 meters of elegance, beauty and tradition. I researched thoroughly and created many small pieces on saris as supporting work.

We took a field trip to a Kerala Mural art exhibition during July. Mural art are paintings that depict Hindu gods and mythologies. I was fascinated by the bright colours and careful techniques used to create them. I had seen them before, on the walls of popular Hindu temples. They are so enjoyable to look at, each piece telling a different story. I knew I wanted to include this style of painting in my coursework.

My final piece is set on the night of Karthika, a Kerala Hindu festival, where we light candles, diyas and lamps to place them outsides of our homes at night. Wearing a traditional Kerala settu sari with a kasavu (gold) border, I am sitting in front of a wall with mural paintings. The mural shows parts of the Ramayana.

Final piece 

My Control test exam paper was the May/June 2011 paper. Out of all the options, I chose the topic “flowing” because I immediately thought of flowing cloth, flowing light, flowing water etc… It was a little tricky finishing the final piece in just 15 hours, over a span of 5 days of course. I painted the sea part twice but still wasn't very happy with it, but the overall painting I think turned out to be a beautiful calming painting. 

Final piece 

Before my senior year started, my mother got a job at a school in Bangalore. After 6 years, I was moving to a different state! It was hard at first, but my new school was SO much more lenient and “chill” as my new friends said. I really had a blast, until it was mid second term and I didn't have much art work to show. Once I got all my college applications and interviews done, I started working on my A Level coursework more seriously.

 While trying to pick a theme, I still wanted the element of drapery and wanted to focus more on different prints and such. At this point, I had been offered a place at London College of Fashion and I knew I was moving to London next year! Keeping that in mind, I wanted my final piece to represent my past. I've lived half my life in India and in half in Africa. For my final piece I represented the African side with masks and thread art on the border, the Indian side with Madhubani style paintings along with a dress that I designed and created (including the tie-dye). I posed as if I was “looking back” at my past. I am very happy with it, and Cambridge thinks so too cause they gave me an A!!! 

Originally by Edgar Degas 
Cloth collage 
Cloth collage 
The kiss – Gustav Klimt

Madhubani art
Screen printing 
Final piece