Saturday, 23 March 2013

Swedish graduation
Photo "Bow down before us Swedes, we are your future bosses"

One of my best friends is from Sweden and her graduation is coming up soon! In Sweden, graduation is a BIG deal! On the day of the graduation, girls usually wear white or light coloured dresses and guys wear black or grey suits. The graduating class wears a white and black cap  with their names written across it in gold letters.

In the morning of the big day, students and teachers have a “champagne breakfast”. When school is over they literally run out of their classrooms (like children), out the school building to the outside where friends and family wait for them with flowers and posters. Student’s parents usually hold up posters with baby photos of their kids. This is followed by formal lunch with speeches. After this, they change into more comfortable clothes, get on a lorry/truck and parade around the city blasting loud music, singing, dancing and spraying beer on each other. They then arrive back at school and go home to Celebrate with friends and family. PS, they get gifts too! 

At night, classmates meet up and party all night long! Overall it sounds like a fun day!

Here are a few white dresses I thought would be great for graduation:
Little white dress
1-nelly, 2-Lulus, 3-ASOS, 4-nastygal

Classy in crochet
1-swell, 2-ASOS, 3-ASOS

Lovely laces

A bit of black

1-modcloth, 2-ASOS, 3-ASOS

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