Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

Ah jeans. Started in the mines and now are found in every corner of the world. I mean who doesn't own a pair? Whether on hot sunny day or cool breezy afternoon, jeans are easy to slip on as well as to style. They were originated in Genoa, Italy where they were exported by sailors throughout Europe. In the French city of Nimes they loved it so much that after much trial and error, they created another fabric known as Denim (de Nimes). 

Jeans were popularized in America by Hollywood actor James Dean when he starred in ‘Rebel without a cause’. They immediately became a symbol of youth rebellion in the 1950’s. In-fact  teens who wore jeans were kicked out of or banned from restaurants, theaters and schools!! Imagine that?

Instead of styling the common blue jean, I picked 7 very different jeans for the 7 days of the week. I created easy to wear, comfortable looks that are fashion friendly yet practical. Out of all the many jeans that are out there, these are the 7 I chose:
Studded jeans

Jeans, top, earrings, flats 

Shadow print jeans
Jeans, top, earrings, bracelet, flats 

Bright coloured jeans
Top, jeans, silk bracelet, shoes, studs, hair bow 

Snake print jeans
Top, belt, jeans, earrings, flats, bracelet 

Tie-dye jeans
Top, ear cuff, sweater, jeans, boots

Polka dot jeans

Floral jeans

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