Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fancy shoelaces 
Living in hot countries near the equator, my regular shoes were all slippers and sandals. The only time I wore actual sneakers was once every year for sports day (I was more into swimming than running and football). Then of course there are the shoes we had wear as part of our school uniform, which I wouldn't necessarily classify as sneakers. They were the classic black school shoes that we had to wear with horrible “school socks” that never fit anyone properly.
(School socks weren't blue) 

Getting back to the point, I recently bought my very first pair of converse sneakers! =) Playing it safe, i got the plain black ones and I really like them. They’re so comfortable and look good but I wanted to jazz them up a little without going too overboard on the first try. So I found out different ways to ‘weave’ shoelaces that are both easy to learn and practical. Here are a few that I tried out:

Asterisk & lattice lacing
Directions for first and second 

Hexagram & hash lacing
Directions for first and second 

Spider web & double cross lacing
Directions for first and second

Pentagram lacing
Hints and tips: if you’re going to try one of these styles, make sure the laces don’t get tangled and that they’re not bent, even on the inside because you don’t want to go back after you’re done and straighten everything out. And of course practice makes perfect!
If you want to try different styles, Ian’s shoelace site offers a wide range of lacing techniques and variations. Check it out:

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