Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Almost good news!

So a week ago I was introduced to the ASOS world of fashion and creativity. Not only can you create outfits and share them with other users, but you can also enter in various competitions and win awesome prizes! The best part is that its complete strangers who are ‘liking and commenting’ on your outfit creations. Those of you who are interested here’s a link to their site: http://fashionfinder.asos.com/

So typically there are 3 winners, first second and third, and then there are 4 highly commended entries. This particular one was a RED CARPET STYLE competition to see who could create the best Red carpet look. I’m still a beginner and haven’t yet mastered the presentation skills but I entered competitions anyway. After you enter you can see all the other entries, and after seeing them I was sure I wasn't going to get any recognition. Some of them were amazing! I so easily lost hope.  When the competition closed, I went online to see who had one. One of my favorites won 3rd place, but I was shocked to see that not one but two of my outfits were in the highly commended place. I honestly think that there were some truly incredible outfits that deserved it more than I did but i'm so happy!! =D Thank you ASOS Fashionfinder!

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